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Brief introduction of Austrian XPS extrusion thermal insulation material: Mr Yu XPS board is a kind of rigid extruded polystyrene insulation materials, is manufactured by Austrian margin insulation materials Co. Ltd. the patented production technology, material and other additives by polystyrene foaming extrusion. The honeycomb structure of the honeycomb structure has the advantages of uniform thickness and no gap, and the utility model has the advantages of superior thermal insulation and moisture resistance and high compression resistance. Scope of application of Austrian XPS extruded plate: Roof and wall insulation; highway civil engineering; composite sandwich insulation board; cold storage floor and wall; Austrian XPS extruded plate characteristics: Continuous closed cell structure; Excellent compressive strength; Permanent low thermal conductivity; No water, not afraid of moisture; Austrian XPS extrusion plate model: Compression 150 compression resistance 250 compression 300 compression 350 compression 400 compression 450 compression resistance 650 Austrian XPS extruded plate size: Length: 1200240035004500 5500 Width: 6001200 Thickness: 2025304050607080 90100 Combustion grade: B1 class B2 Austrian Yu XPS extruded plate specifications: Plate, plate, plate, pull the nap nap
XPS insulation board is extruded polystyrene insulation board, it is made from polystyrene resin as raw material and other raw materials and polymer content, by heating mixed with catalyst, rigid foam board and plastic extrusion molding and manufacturing. Its scientific name is insulatedwith extruded polystyrene foam (XPS), XPS has closed the honeycomb structure perfect, this structure allows XPS plate has a rather low water absorption (almost no water), low thermal conductivity, high compressive strength, ageing resistance (normal use almost no aging decomposition phenomenon). Ao Yu extruded polystyrene (XPS) insulation board is widely used in roofing, steel structure roofing, steel tile, wall insulation system of cold storage, refrigerated trucks, composite wind pipe, floor mats, auxiliary Po purification plant, building bottom, square ground and other areas. It is the construction industry at present, inexpensive, heat insulation material. Austrian Yu plate features: 1, excellent thermal insulation With high thermal resistance and low linear expansion ratio, the characteristics of the low, the obturator structure rate reached more than 99%, the formation of a vacuum layer, avoid air flow cooling, to ensure that the insulation performance of lasting and stable, relative to the closed cell foam polyurethane rate of 80%, the leading advantage is self-evident. Practice has proved that 20mm thick XPS extruded insulation board, the insulation effect is equivalent to 50mm thick polystyrene foam, 120mm thick cement perlite. Therefore, this material is the best choice for building insulation. 2, excellent high compressive strength Because of the special structure of XPS board, its high compressive strength, impact resistance is strong, according to different sizes and thickness of XPS its compressive strength reached 150 ~ 500Kpa above the ground, can withstand the load of each system, widely used in the field of Geothermal Engineering, highway, airport runway, square ground, large refrigerator car decoration and insulation etc.. 3, high quality hydrophobic, moisture resistance Water absorption rate is an important parameter to measure insulation material. The thermal insulation performance of the insulation material is decreased after the water absorption. In the case of low temperature, the absorbed water is easy to freeze and destroy the structure of the thermal insulation material, so that the compressive strength and the thermal insulation performance of the plate are decreased. Due to the fact that the polystyrene molecular structure does not absorb water, the molecular structure of the plate is stable, and the utility model solves the problems of leakage, penetration, frost and condensation of other materials. 4, light texture, easy to use The fully closed cell foam chemical structure of the XPS plate and the honeycomb physical structure of the utility model has the advantages of light weight, high strength, convenient cutting and transportation, and is not easy to be damaged and convenient to be installed. 5, stability, good corrosion resistance The use of the long time, aging, decomposition, does not produce harmful substances, the chemical property is very stable, not as a result of corrosion due to water absorption and degradation, the performance decline, still can maintain its superior performance in high temperature environment, according to the information, even if the use of XPS extruded insulation board from 30 to 40 years, can still maintain excellent performance, and does not decompose or mildew, no toxic substances volatile. 6, product environmental performance XPS board by the relevant departments of the state to detect chemical stability, non volatile harmful substances, harmless to the human body, the production of raw materials using environmentally friendly materials, does not produce any industrial pollution. This product is environmentally friendly building materials.
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